DAMAC Properties – luxury real estate company in Dubai

DAMAC Properties is one of the largest real estate development and construction companies in the Middle East. It has played a major role in Dubai’s and UAE’s infrastructure and development. Its mission is to be the developer of outstanding commercial, residential and leisure real estate. It is a leader in many markets around the world, having completed thousands of projects and provided homes for millions of people.

DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties was founded in 2002 by Hussain Sajwani, a leading UAE billionaire and entrepreneur, who grew to become a global player. The company has grown and now operates on an international scale in the real estate market, including the United Kingdom, the Levant, the United States and the Middle East.

The real estate projects that DAMAC Properties has successfully completed in Dubai include: 

  • Multifunctional complexes; 
  • Skyscrapers; 
  • Places of entertainment and recreation; 
  • Commercial buildings for various purposes; 
  • Resorts; 
  • Residential buildings; 
  • Hotels; 
  • Branded residences; 
  • Miscellaneous apartments and other real estate. 

The history and activities of DAMAC Properties are full of interesting facts. Here are the top 5: 

  1. DAMAC currently has built over 33,000 units in its pipeline and another 33,000 units under construction. 
  2. With a height of 335 meters, the DAMAC Residenze skyscraper in Dubai Marina is the tallest building to be constructed by DAMAC Properties.
  3. Priced at over AED 35 million, this organization has developed some of the most expensive villas in the region. 
  4. DAMAC Properties has been the recipient of numerous international awards, the most recent being ‘Leader in Luxury Properties in the UAE 2023’. 
  5. DAMAC Chairperson, Hussain Sajwani, has a long tradition of philanthropic giving and has contributed millions of AED to various school projects and initiatives in Dubai to enhance Emirati students’ access to education. Many underprivileged communities also receive vital financial support through DAMAC’s sponsorship activities. 

DAMAC real estate projects

DAMAC real estate projects

As a real estate developer, DAMAC Properties has delivered a significant number of developments in Dubai, both in terms of scope and value. Its architects’ and contractors’ architectural designs and engineering standards are globally respected as advanced and cutting edge. In virtually every region of the world, this company is a valued partner in real estate development. Below are highlights of the major real estate initiatives being managed by DAMAC Properties in Dubai.

  • DAMAC Lagoons

This residential community is being developed by DAMAC Properties on artificial beachfronts. It was designed to become a leisure paradise for tourists as well as Dubai residents. The real estate is constructed in a Mediterranean style. Split into several villages in a traditional southern style, it spans an acreage of over 4.18 square kilometers. All the communities are built around a series of man-made lagoons. Each of DAMAC property clusters is an entity in its own right, reflecting the diversity of the surrounding amenities. It includes high-end apartments and housing for the homeowners. Currently under construction, the development is regarded among the most exclusive holiday destinations on the planet.

  • DAMAC Hills

Located in the Dubailand area, DAMAC Hills is a prestigious and globally acclaimed golf community. It is home to the Trump International Dubai Golf Club. The complex features approximately four million square feet of beautifully maintained grounds and parklands. Gardens, ponds, roller skating rinks, equestrian stables, tennis courts and various themed recreational and sports facilities are located throughout the residential area.

  • DAMAC Hills 2

This Dubai project represents a totally enclosed environment, perfect for individuals seeking a tranquil or energetic lifestyles. Nestled in a secluded surrounding, but still accessible to shopping and nightlife centers, this real estate has been realized by DAMAC. Facilities at the township include shopping malls, high-tech health clubs, restaurants and other establishments. This company intends to launch more features in the upcoming time.

  • DAMAC Towers by Paramount

The four-tower complex is being developed by DAMAC Properties in partnership with Paramount Hotel & Resorts. The project comprises 2,000 apartments, including 1,200 apartments in three towers and 800 apartments.

DAMAC Towers by Paramount


DAMAC Properties is a premier real estate development company in Dubai, acclaimed for its contribution to the construction of premium residential and commercial real estate throughout the UAE. With a string of high-profile projects and housing for multiple millions of people, its contribution to achieving excellence has won it international acclaim. Reflecting its success, the company has been honored with countless awards and commendations throughout its existence. DAMAC Properties is a leading international real estate firm and has contributed significantly to enhancing the cities of the world.

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