Public Investments Solutions: overview

Public Investments Solutions is an immigration company that assists UAE residents to acquire passports from European countries. The company has received many positive reviews for its expertise in providing advice and legal assistance in obtaining citizenship through investment or repatriation. Both of these immigration programs enable foreigners to get EU passport in short terms.

Public Investments Solutions reviews lawyers on their side aim to make the application process as swift as possible. Their task includes handling the legal portion of the relocation, as well as ensuring that the client follows all legal procedures and achieves the desired result.

  • According to the information provided on the website, by contacting Public Investments Solutions, residents of the UAE during the citizenship registration process can receive:
  • Detailed remote counselling;
  • Assistance in gathering documents to apply for EU citizenship;
  • Support with notarization, translation and checking of certificates for validity;
  • Accompaniment of a personal lawyer when visiting the Ministry of Justice and other immigration authorities overseas;
  • Assistance with registration of documents for legal residence in Europe.

In this overview, we will examine Public Investments Solutions reviews, take a closer look at the specifics of its activities and consider what to expect when cooperating with its lawyers.

Analyzing reviews of Public Investments Solutions

Many residents of Dubai and the UAE choose Public Investments Solutions for its reliable remote support. Their reviews of the company and the process of moving with its help can be found on many well-known websites. In order to understand the results obtained by clients and to identify the features of working with this organization’s lawyers, we propose you read feedback and its analysis presented below. The following reviews have been collected from trusted websites on the Internet.

Public Investments Solutions reviews 1 reviews 2

Public Investments Solutions reviews 3

Public Investments Solutions reviews

In these reviews, there are a number of facts about the work of Public Investments Solutions which are of interest to residents of the United Arab Emirates and neighboring countries. On the basis of the comments, the following features of the cooperation are highlighted in feedback:

  • Working with lawyers is regulated by a mutual agreement;
  • The lawyers help in the search for certificates that can be the ground to get EU citizenship through simplified procedures;
  • Public Investments Solutions representatives carry out many tasks remotely, including submitting applications abroad;
  • Payment for legal services can be split;
  • Consultations can be provided via messengers or phone calls.

As a matter of fact, there are almost no negative reviews of Public Investments Solutions on the Internet. This is an indication that the company is diligent in the fulfilment of its responsibilities towards UAE nationals. According to reviews, Public Investments Solutions is able to meet the various requirements in the relocation process. Its main goal is to deliver the result that people expect at the beginning of the cooperation.

Public Investments Solutions

Ending note

Public Investments Solutions aims to reduce the time it takes for migrants from many regions, including the UAE, to obtain EU citizenship. It offers official guarantees of confidentiality and fixed-price services, which are also featured in many open-source reviews. specializes in repatriation, and this is the immigration program it works with most extensively, along with investment. Judging by reviews, its clients are granted citizenship in the EU in an average time frame of one year. For those who wish to maximize the ease of obtaining an EU passport, while receiving a quality service and complete management of the migrant’s progress in a European country, the services of Public Investments Solutions will be an advantage.


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