Overview Barasti beach bar in Dubai

Berasti Beach is a popular spot for both relaxing holidays and raucous nightlife. Located in Dubai, it is a pleasant, secluded location with beautiful views of the bay mixed with the city’s skyscrapers. This place is famous among tourists who love to party outdoors, seek extensive menu options at the dining areas, and enjoy affordable holidays.

Berasti Beach Bar is a regular nightlife spot, and it is a popular place to take vibrant photos. The rules state that you are not allowed to bring your own drinks or food. Berasti has an extensive menu that, according to reviews, will satisfy anyone who wants to get energized to party. Every day there are competitions, performances from well-known DJs and fun activities. Among its other features, Berasti has:

  • Free entry for ladies;
  • A wide range of snacks and drinks;
  • Toilets, showers and changing rooms;
  • Many prestigious hotels nearby;
  • Location with good local transport links;
  • Well-developed infrastructure and staff service.


Overview Barasti beach bar in Dubai

Menu and photos of Barasti bar

In keeping with beach style, the menu at Berasti’s bar is light. With a focus on fast food, it consists of simple snacks. Most dishes are seafood. They include squid, octopus and various types of fish. The most popular option is grilled food, which is the symbol of beach parties. There are also vegetarian options. These include salads and healthy bowls. There are also traditional desserts and the ubiquitous pizza. Some popular dishes on the Berasti’s bar menu, based on reviews, are:

  • Seafood platter;
  • Crispy Calamari;
  • Roasted salmon;
  • Beef burger;
  • Sticky toffee pudding.

The drinks menu at Berasti bar is extensive and emphasizes a beach style. There is champagne, prosecco, wine, beer, cider, gin, whisky, tequila, rum, etc. There are also specialty cocktails. Below is the list of beverages, that are mostly praised in reviews:

  • Selecta;
  • Ritual Martini;
  • Red Sensation;
  • Beach Tropical;
  • Berasti Ecletic Mojito;
  • Hugo Spritz Twist.

Party in Barasti beach bar

What has made Berasti famous throughout Dubai is partying. In the mornings and afternoons, it’s a place for relaxed family holidays, where you can enjoy al fresco dining. After the sun sets, this is where the most energetic parties begin. The quiet Berasti Beach Bar transforms into an open-air club with alcohol games and loud music.

Popular DJs often play here. Every day there are various competitions and games to get the tourists’ blood pumping. There are no separate dancefloors – the party covers every square meter of Berasti Beach.

Primarily Europeans make up the party crowd. Berasti Beach Bar menu includes alcohol, which locals are not allowed to drink. So, they rarely come here. Nevertheless, the parties here are cosmopolitan and there are lots of people every day. Partying here never gets boring. This is why Berasti is a regular destination for tourists.

Dress code and location

Berasti’s fashion style is beachy. There’s no dress code, but you’ll receive odd glances if you turn up in a fancy outfit. You run the risk of ruining your clothes, as the parties here involve cocktails and other drinks. Also, the action at Berasti is on land and in water. So, a swimsuit is an advantage for those who want to party hard. The only place where the dress code applies is in the two-floor restaurant, located right on the Berasti’s beach. Visitors are not allowed to wear swimsuits there, only casual clothing.

Berasti Beach Bar has a convenient location. It is situated in the Dubai Marina area. It has stunning views of both the city and the bay where the rich of the UAE dock their million-dollar plus yachts. The beach is very well maintained. The water is clear and the slope into the water is covered with soft sand. Berasti is easily accessible by local transport. It is a 5-minute walk from the nearest tram station.


Barasti beach bar


Berasti Beach is an entertainment venue that combines alcohol-fueled partying with a relaxed family holiday. This is the place for those looking for a cheap and truly youthful party amidst Dubai’s quiet and rich holidays. The service here is highly rated. The food is delicious, and the drinks cater for all tastes. If you’ve come to Berasti Beach to relax, get ready to experience some bright emotions and take great photos that will be envied by your friends.

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