DREAM Restaurant in Dubai

DREAM is a famous restaurant in Dubai where, as well as food, the menu features colorful performances from talented dancers, singers and acrobats who turn an ordinary meal into a show. Created by Sunset Hospitality, it is located in the Address Beach Resort, JBR. No single style of performance exists here – there is a diverse cultural scene where the light shows today can turn into the classical folk dances tomorrow.

The menu at DREAM restaurant is predominantly Mediterranean. The stage is two-level, making the interior unique. Seating is arranged around the stage in four directions in the dining hall. This creates an enchanting atmosphere and creates an opportunity to dine and watch a live performance from a vantage point. The variety of specialty drinks prepared by Dubai’s skilled bartenders is also renowned at DREAM restaurant.

DREAM restaurant

Benefits of the restaurant DREAM

The main advantage of visiting DREAM when searching for a luxury establishment in Dubai is the unique atmosphere indoors. Once inside, you become more than just a visitor. With music playing and people performing, you become an integral part of the show. This was the concept designed by the founder of DREAM. Each performance here is true to the name of the establishment and takes the visitor into a dreamlike environment. Directed and staged by creative director Pierre Khadra, every show has a unique meaning and idea.

To summarize all the advantages of visiting DREAM, which are described in reviews, the main ones are:

  • Memorable atmosphere;
  • Quality food and beverages prepared by skillful chefs and bartenders;
  • Reasonable pricing, befitting the venue’s status;
  • The highest quality of service to help you relax and enjoy yourself to the fullest;
  • Healthy and wholesome food with vegan options available.

DREAM Restaurant in Dubai

Restaurant menu and customer feedback

The menu of the DREAM restaurant is based on Mediterranean cuisine. The most famous specialties of the venue, along with their cost, are:

  • Grilled octopus – AED 155;
  • Snails in parsley butter – AED 115;
  • Steamed scallops with caviar – AED 195;
  • Pizza with truffles – AED 395;
  • Linguini with lobster – AED 195;
  • 800g grilled T-bone steak – AED 715.

The menu also includes fresh oysters, a variety of salads and full mixed starters. For a complete dinner, platters are available, which contain a mix of different types of food, both meat and side dishes. Below are photos of the dishes served at DREAM.

Below you will find reviews about DREAM restaurant. After studying them, you will find out what attracts tourists and Dubai residents to this establishment.


People describe their visit to DREAM as an unforgettable experience in their reviews. Mostly, the atmosphere of the place is the object of praise. There are few restaurants like DREAM in Dubai, and this is what wins the hearts of customers, which is reflected in their reviews.

Nevertheless, the quality of the food appeals to the tastes of the guests too. Wide variety of dishes available, pleasant service and welcoming waiters are major points of praise for many visitors in their reviews. This means that DREAM restaurant has a well-deserved reputation as one of Dubai’s top nightlife destinations, excelling in every aspect of customer satisfaction.


The DREAM restaurant, its food, quality service and each and every guest are all part of the extravaganza on the stage inside. The unique atmosphere, which highlights the diversity of Dubai’s nightlife, has made this establishment a household name.

The DREAM restaurant has positive reviews from people who have a wide range of dining requirements. Regardless of whether you’re on a date, out with friends, or just looking for an enjoyable dining and entertainment experience. DREAM restaurant in Dubai will meet your expectations and make your evening one to remember.


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