Electric scooter issues in Dubai

Electric scooters are an integral part of Dubai’s public transport system. More than 63,000 permits to use these vehicles in the city have been issued since April 2022. When it comes to getting to work or home in comfort and avoiding traffic jams, their practicality and convenience are invaluable. However, over the past few years, there have been many complaints made against those using electric scooters.

Firstly, there are the parking problems. Many car owners complain that electric scooters, along with bikes and motorcycles, take up scarce parking space in the city. Furthermore, riders often do not obey the traffic rules and cause various undesirable situations on the road.

Electric scooter issues in Dubai


Starting 1 March 2024, electric scooters are banned in Dubai Metro. This is done for passengers’ safety. In February, trains were halted for an hour when one of the vehicles malfunctioned and emitted smoke. The use of electric scooters also creates dangerous situations and dissatisfaction among citizens in confined spaces with high concentrations of people.

Dubai’s authorities have decided to put a robot policeman on the streets. Its artificial intelligence will enable it to detect violations related to the improper use of electric scooters and non-compliance with various regulations, including personal safety. This robot will help fine riders for not wearing helmets, parking in inappropriate places, riding in pedestrian areas, etc.

Such offences will attract penalties of up to Dh300. The data received by robot will be transmitted directly to the Dubai Police, which will then carry out further analysis and issue a verdict.

The robot is expected to be 85 percent accurate in identifying violations. It will be able to operate in all weather conditions and will be a 24-hour helper in the prevention of offences by electric scooter owners. The police robot is currently in the testing phase.

Electric scooter issues in Dubai (news)

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