Etisalat mobile operator from Dubai

With a significant presence in Dubai, Etisalat is one of the world’s largest mobile operators. The company serves many cities in the United Arab Emirates and some countries worldwide with high-value, affordable connectivity. Internet access and cable TV are also part of its services. An extensive range of plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of Dubai’s citizens is available on the Etisalat website.

Etisalat was established in 1976 as a joint stock company by International Aeradio Limited of the United Kingdom and an indigenous partner. It was later owned by the United Arab Emirates government and started operating in the UAE. It has experienced rapid growth in the area in which it operates, having installed more than 730,000 lines from the time it started operating till 1998.

Etisalat mobile operator from Dubai

Today, Etisalat provides services to more than 11 million customers and more than 300,000 private and government-owned businesses across the United Arab Emirates. It is known for providing high quality, affordable telecommunications services. By number of customers, Etisalat is currently the world’s eighteenth largest mobile operator.

Mobile plans

Etisalat offers a multitude of mobile plans, including:

  • Postpaid.

It encompasses mobile facilities provided by Etisalat. Additionally, subscribers can benefit from discounts of up to 40% when purchasing a four-month subscription in advance. Among the most popular tariff among Dubai residents is the Emirati Freedom. The cost varies according to the amount of local data, number of minutes of talk time and roaming. It ranges from 250 to 1500 AED per month.

  • Prepaid.

The most popular plan in this category provided by Etisalat is Wexel Flexi. It can be customized according to the customer’s needs. Internet access is included, but a Television connection is not. The service commences at 35 AED/month.

  • Visitor Line

The mobile tariffs in this category, offered by Etisalat, are designed for tourists visiting Dubai. By purchasing them, tourists can enjoy discounts at various attractions and leisure facilities. The least expensive plan costs 125 AED per month, while the most expensive one – 319 AED for 14 days.

  • Control Line

This mobile tariff of the Etisalat company is designed to facilitate cost savings on communication. A minimum set of telecommunication access is provided for a month, with the option to top up and enjoy additional services at any time. The most comprehensive packages, Local and Flexi, cost 80 AED/month. Internet access is included.

  • Roaming

Etisalat’s most competitive mobile tariffs for international calls. A comprehensive range of telecommunication services is also available, although TV connection is not included. The cost commences at 100 AED per week.

  • Family Plan

It encompasses all the necessary Etisalat facilities for secure telecommunication and data exchanging between families with children. It incorporates information sharing, add-ons, parental controls and other features.

TV and Internet

Etisalat’s reputation for providing high-quality mobile services extends to delivery of individual TV and Internet connection. Its product range encompasses:

  • Home Wireless;
  • eLife TV Gaming;
  • Smart TVs;
  • Home Protection;
  • Full Home Wi-Fi;
  • eLife Plans.

Each of the products is distinctive and offers a range of bonuses and discounts for customers who pay in advance and for families. Among the bundled packages, eLife plans are available, which include both TV and Internet services for one price. The primary benefit provided by mobile operator Etisalat is the free installation and Smiles Voucher included in every package, which has contributed to the popularity of these products.

There are four main plans commonly used in Dubai. Among them, Etisalat company provides:

  • Ultra Starter – includes 500 Mbps Internet, access to 187+ HD TV channels. There is also a discount for a six-month subscription, making the package 299 dirhams per month.
  • Ultra Entertainment – by using it, Dubai residents can enjoy 750 Mbps Internet, access to over 236 Television channels and a host of bonuses. This package costs 639 dirhams/month.
  • Ultra Sports – this tariff from mobile operator Etisalat includes 750 Mbps Internet access and over 262 TV channels to watch. There are fewer bonuses than the previous one. The subscription costs 515 dirhams per month.
  • Ultra Fusion – designed for entertainment of the whole family. It includes 1 GB of Internet and access to over 300 Television channels. It costs 815 dirhams/month.



Etisalat offers a range of high quality and affordable mobile, Television and Internet services. The availability of discounts, free installation and bonuses make it an excellent choice for both tourists and those who have chosen to make the UAE their permanent home. It is recommended that customers choose the best tariff for their needs and start using Etisalat for constant connectivity and quality entertainment.


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