UAE to test passenger train services

Etihad Rail, the UAE national railway network, plans to launch passenger services between cities of the state in 2024. Until now, it has only been used for commercial purposes. It helps to transport various types of freight, from ore to miscellaneous commodities. The network connects all regions of the UAE, including 4 seaports and logistics centers, with a total length of more than 900 km.

Tests have already begun on the first trains to carry passengers on the Dubai – Abu Dhabi rail link. They are expected to travel at more than 200 km/h and carry around 400 people each, according to project plans.

UAE test passenger train

To ensure a comfortable journey, the train will be equipped with all the necessary high-tech facilities. As in other countries, the carriages will be divided into First, Business and Economy Classes. This will allow everyone to travel at a low cost or with a high level of comfort. Trains will be equipped with entertainment systems for adults and children, mobile phone and laptop chargers, etc. Drinks and snacks will also be on offer.

As part of the Etihad Rail project plans, trains are expected to run 24 hours a day between the two cities. Currently, the average journey time for a passenger travelling from Abu Dhabi to Dubai or vice versa is estimated at 50 minutes. This is expected to reduce the average travel time between the two cities by 30-40 per cent.

Other major settlements in UAE will also benefit from this transport option. By 2030, the passenger rail network is expected to actively transport millions of people between 7 emirates and a total of 11 cities in the country.

One of the key steps in the full realization of this project will be the establishment of an innovation center for the improvement of logistics solutions. The total cost of the rail program is over AED 50 billion.

UAE train services

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