Dubai Mall: photos and review

Built by Emaar Properties and opened in November 2008, Dubai Mall is a popular destination for those living in and visiting the UAE. In 2015, this facility attracted more than 92 million visitors. It is situated on Financial Centre Street, The Downtown, located alongside Burj Khalifa.

With more than 1,200 stores conveniently located for a variety of goods, it is a haven for the world’s most famous brands. Dubai Mall also has special and popular attractions:

  • A 22-screen cinema complex;
  • World’s largest aquarium (11220 square meters), perfect for taking photos with unique marine animals and examine them up close;
  • The Grove, a street segment with a retractable canopy;
  • Hysteria, a haunted house;
  • An 8,000 square meter children’s entertainment and educational facility;
  • Fashion Island, featuring 70 stores of the most elite clothing brands;
  • Play DXB, an amusement part.

A five-star hotel and covered parking for 14,000 cars are located next to the Dubai Mall. The amusements here are totally suitable for families, especially for children. The indoor fountain and aquarium are places where every tourist takes photos. This shopping center is perfect for simple groceries and even for spending a whole day in it. Below are some photos of Dubai Mall.

How big is Dubai Mall

In terms of total area, Dubai Mall is the second largest shopping center in the world. It occupies more than 1.2 million square meters. To imagine how big it is, this size is equivalent to 50 football fields. The construction of such a huge facility took 4 years, although it was planned to open twice earlier. In 2018, the shopping center was expanded even further. It added another 93 thousand square meters.

Dubai Mall ranks more modest in terms of leasable area than total one. With more than 350 thousand square meters, the complex is ranked 26th in the world by this indicator. The total internal area is 550 sqm. According to reviews, it is difficult to estimate the size of the mall even from photos, therefore a visit is required.

Boutiques and restaurants

Dubai Mall overflows with different boutiques and restaurants. From the photos, it is evident that there are plenty of places for snacking, entertainment and shopping. Here are listed its top 10 most popular restaurants:

  • La Maison Ani;
  • Armani/Caffe;
  • Amaya;
  • Din Tai Fung;
  • Gia;
  • Novikov Café;
  • Somewhere;
  • Logma;
  • The Cheesecake Factory;
  • Asma.

Almost all of the world’s most famous brands are represented in the boutiques of Dubai Mall. There are sports, jewelry, perfume and other stores in addition to clothing ones. You can find here luxury brands as well as high street labels. If you are looking for prestigious boutiques selling only the world’s best quality items, consider visiting Dubai Mall.

Dubai Mall photo


Dubai Mall has become an iconic landmark for the city and the UAE. One of the largest, it is also one of the world’s most prestigious shopping centers. Whether it’s entertainment, purchasing or just having a snack in a pleasant atmosphere, this place will delight you every day with something new. Dubai Mall is the place to spend quality time alone, with friends or family.

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