Luxury shopping center Nakheel Mall

Nakheel Mall is a shopping facility in Dubai designed for both commercial and entertainment purposes. The center is located in one of the most prestigious and famous places in the entire UAE – Palm Jumeirah.

It has become popular among tourists and locals alike for having such facilities that are located here:

  • Chic restaurants;
  • Fabyland Playground;
  • Shops of various types and purposes;
  • VOX Cinema complex with 15 screens;
  • Trampo Extreme trampoline park;
  • Fitness center;
  • Quest room;
  • Supermarket of the British brand Waitrose.

Many of Dubai’s attractions, popular hotels, restaurants, bars, parks and residences are located here near Nakheel Mall. From almost any point in the city, it is very easy to reach. There is a monorail that runs to this mall, it has its own station. There is also a three-stored indoor car park with 3000 parking spaces. So, you will never have a problem arriving in your own car.

The design of Nakheel Mall building is most impressive because of its size. It has a total area of 4.5 million square feet. That’s more than 418 thousand sqm. There are only five floors and a lot of entertainment centers, such as a night club, are located on the roof of the building. Nakheel Mall is designed to look modern with sun reflecting glass at the entrance. There is also an impressive terrace that overlooks the entire Palm Jumeirah. Other features of Nakheel Mall include:

  • 300 shops;
  • 30 dining outlets;
  • 4 entertainment venues;
  • 2 food halls.

Nakheel Mall

Restaurants of Nakheel Mall

The presence of many restaurants is one of the supplementary but important features of Nakheel Mall for many people. Listed below are the top 5 of the most popular ones, with additional comments about their specialties and features:

  • SugarMoo. This place is very popular among lovers of desserts, pastries and ice cream. It is a favorite place for children in Dubai as all the dishes here are sweet confectionery. You can order bakery products here. SugarMoo is located in Depachika Food Hall. The average cost of a meal at this restaurant is around AED 50 per person.
  • Kushi By Reif. Located in Depachika Food Hall, this restaurant serves Japanese cuisine. Visitors can try dishes such as ramen, donburi, sandos and various Asian desserts. The average price per dish is AED 45.
  • Ugly Burger. A popular restaurant in both Dubai and Nakheel Mall. Its specialty is the serving of large, juicy Korean-style burgers. The average price of a single meal here is around AED 40.
  • McDonald’s. Nakheel Mall is also home to the world’s most famous fast-food restaurant. Suitable for both quick snacks and full meals. The average order costs AED 20.
  • Urban Seafood. Conveniently located in Nakheel Mall, this is a famous seafood restaurant in Dubai. Squid, lobster, fish and oyster dishes are served here. Affordable restaurant with average price per dish AED 40.

Luxury shopping center Nakheel Mall


The Nakheel Mall is one of those shopping centers where you go more for the entertainment than for the daily grocery purchases. It is easily accessible by all means of transportation due to its convenient location on Palm Jumeirah. And the design, the architecture and the internal entertainment facilities will definitely not make you regret having spent a day in this complex. Nakheel Mall is rightly considered as one of the best shopping destinations in Dubai, as it turns everyday groceries into an entertaining journey.

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