Emaratech innovation technology company

Emaratech, a top technology solutions firm in Dubai that is part of the Investment Corporation of Dubai, has made itself a symbol of innovation in the Middle East. The company has been constantly redefining industry standards and making improvements to various sectors. Emaratech.ae creates advanced technologies which improve operational efficiencies and enhance customer experiences.


Emaratech Products and Services

Border Control and Immigration Solutions

No other company can match Emaratech at border control and immigration services as it provides comprehensive solutions from visa requests to entry/exit validations. Emaratech.ae recently rolled out Smart Corridor and Smart Gate systems at the airports that have changed how passengers are cleared, increasing speed while maintaining security. By partnering with strategic entities such as the General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai, Emaratech has anchored its role as one of the key innovators for enhancing border security and efficiency.

Smart Airport Solutions

Emaratech.ae is dedicated to providing airport solutions that go beyond border control and include several technologies aimed at optimizing operations and enhancing passenger experience. By deploying technologies made by Emaratech, airports in Dubai can manage passenger traffic in a manner that still conforms to strict security measures. On the other hand, their Smart Trolley system improves efficiency of operation by incorporating smart technology that enables seamless luggage handling and movement within airport terminals.

Smart Airport Solutions

Payment Gateway Services

Emaratech’s Payment Gateway services are key to enabling frictionless financial transactions across multiple channels. From biller aggregation to card programs and POS terminal integrations, their complete range of products meets all kinds of business requirements in an increasingly digital economy. To enable a cashless world, Emaratech has embraced e-wallet solutions; it empowers merchants, companies and shoppers in Dubai and outside the city enabled by fast payment processing, straight through reconciliation and safe settlement systems.

Smart Couriers and Logistics

Emaratech’s Smart Couriers division specializes in secure and efficient delivery services for critical items such as passports, visas, and government documents. Emaratech.ae uses advanced logistics to connect digital data processes with physical delivery for dependable services in healthcare, government and e-commerce. Incorporating the latest tracking technologies together with real time monitoring tools demonstrates an absolute commitment of the company towards operational efficiency as well as customer satisfaction.

Real Estate and Economic Solutions

Emaratech is one of the biggest firms specializing in developing innovative ideas that will simplify property transactions while enhancing market visibility. The blockchain-based register for title deeds and ownership management made by the company changes how people relate with their real estate properties by providing them with GIS functions, transaction audit trails, among other comprehensive document management capabilities. Emaratech.ae empowers stakeholders with control and visibility throughout the lifecycle of real estate by providing a common platform for government entities, property owners, tenants, and real estate agents in Dubai.

HADI Software

HADI Software, which is Emaratech’s latest innovation, is a revolution in both indoor wayfinding and engagement. The company has created it to facilitate user experience in complicated places like airports and shopping malls. The software uses machine-readable identity technologies and real-time indoor positioning to provide users with accurate navigation tools as well as location based contents.

With the HADI app, indoor navigation becomes accurate and reliable enabling the users to move comfortably while getting site specific information like shopping details, boarding information or promotional content. Furthermore, Emaratech.ae has made a powerful administration panel that offers operators provisions on content management, real time trolley tracking & data analytics. Thus, indoor environments can optimize promotion strategies and enhance operational efficiencies through user behavior analysis by means of data intelligence reports.


Emaratech stands as a pinnacle of technological evolution fostering the digital transformation agenda in Dubai and beyond. The company’s continuous pursuit for excellence and customer orientation has seen them break new ground in the integration of emerging technologies into various sectors. Its collaborative relation with Dubai government agencies, strategic alliances and relentless drive towards innovation have placed it as a trusted partner in building smart cities that foster economic growth. In their quest to grow their portfolio while expanding on their technical abilities, Emaratech.ae will continue delivering unmatched value and groundbreaking solutions which address ever changing needs of an evolving global marketplace.

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